The Vision of Real Democracy

Everywhere we are ruled by the Few. Everywhere, inside and outside of formal government, the social, economic, and political decisions of the Few—made in the shortsighted, selfish interest of the Few—shape our lives and our deaths. This is the way it has almost always been. But now, in the 21st century, as the decisions of the Few destroy the Earth, their rule is a war on Life itself. And we can find no power to stop the Few because they have hidden themselves behind the most ingenious of all disguises: the Mask of Demockracy.

From the early 19th century, in one country after another, the Few have tricked us with their Demockracy Fraud into believing their counterfeit “democracy” is the real thing. Constantly, from our early childhood, the Ruling Few, through their Guardians in schools, media, and governments, tell those of us in the “developed” countries that we are blessed by God to live in “our democracies.” Constantly, from early childhood, the Ruling Few,

through their Guardians, hold out the hope to those of us in the “developing” countries that someday, after war and suffering, we, too, will find salvation in “our democracies.”

In this way, the Ruling Few have trapped us all, everywhere, in a world of mirrors. In these so-called “democracies,” when we look behind the men and women we have elected to public office, we see—not the Ruling Few who are really in control—but only our own reflections. So, it appears, we ultimately have no one to blame but ourselves for all the decisions which bring so much suffering to so many and now threaten life on Earth.

It is a win-win situation for the Ruling Few (although, in the long run, they won’t survive either.) They can either rule from behind the Mask of Demockracy, or, when their imposed “democracy” makes us desperate, they can pull off the mask, step boldly forward, and generously
offer their open rule—under one brand name or another—as the only alternative to the failures of