The De-mock-racy Fraud of falsely equating a republic with a democracy — which has helped support the republican Few everywhere for almost two centuries — is a uniquely American contribution to world politics. It was in the United States in the late 1820s that the Ruling Few first had the motive, the opportunity, and the means to commit this massive crime against the people, to pull off this counterfeit which most deceptively and most cruelly mimics the rule of the people. And which makes the real alternative to oligarchy — democracy — invisible by pretending we already have it.

The Secret Formula for
Applying the Demockracy Fraud

The 1828 election of Andrew Jackson was a real shock to the new Few who had ambitions to start ruling the United States themselves. The failure of John Quincy Adams to be elected for a second term as President, just two years after the death of his father, John Adams, and the death of Thomas

Jefferson, underlined the fact that the direct rule of the Founding Fathers was over. But the shock for the new Few was that Andrew Jackson and his cronies had seized the political power that should have been theirs since they were the richest and most powerful men in the country. Jackson was the first American President who was not from the upper class of the east coast. Even worse, this frontier Indian fighter who had been poorly educated in a log cabin was embraced by the common people as one of their own. Joyful crowds swarmed the inaugural reception at the White House. One of the Few, a judge of the Supreme Court who was there, reported — with disgust — that the rabble and the unwashed cheered the Rule of the People, thinking that democracy had suddenly arrived in the United States overnight, delivered by their votes. “The reign of King Mob,” he wrote, “seemed triumphant.”

But “seemed” was the operative word. As the Few knew, the oligarchic American Republic was still firmly locked in place by The Constitution of the United States. It was not a new “Jacksonian Age of Democracy” as later Guardians of the Ruling Few