The formula for applying the Demockracy Fraud to practical politics is simple: elections with huge numbers of voters + choice of candidates limited by the Few’s political parties + claim that winning candidates represent the people = “democracy” ruled by the republican Few. This formula gives the Ruling Few such massive political power that it is the E=mc2 of modern republican oligarchy.

While the Demockracy Fraud is unique to modern republics, each of the three elements in the formula for applying it — elections, parties, and representation — have, in fact, always been present in the republican model of oligarchy from the earliest days of the Roman Republic in the 5th century BC.

♦ Part 2 concludes by showing how, over the 19th and 20th centuries, the Demockracy Fraud became a foundational fraud of the American Republic and then of all the other modern republican oligarchies, Right and Left, that replaced the old monarchies. Until now, in the 21st century, this deception has trapped us all, everywhere.

♦ The global spread of the fraud is traced in the following sections:

• Demockracy in America

• Right and Left Republicans Spread the Demockracy Fraud Around the World

• Trapped Inside the Global Demockracy Fraud

• The Way Out of the Demockracy Trap

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how we, the people, rule