order imposed by a political structure may have the force of a natural law that can be discovered by scientists — but the nature of the structure itself is not “preordained,” as Michels believed. The political organization of a government is a human choice. Of course, the Ruling Few always choose a hierarchical organization which lets them make the laws. Monarchs, feudal lords, and republican elites can only rule in a pyramid of power. We, the people, on the other hand, can choose another form of organization which requires us all to make the laws and rule ourselves.

However, we need to be very careful. Our Law of Democracy can not be the simple statement, “Who says circular organization, says democracy.” As we have seen with the Demockracy Fraud, the Ruling Few and their Guardians can pervert almost anything — and they are determined to do so to keep their ruling power. Just as they disguised the republic as a “democracy,” so, too, can they disguise their pyramid of power as a circle. We can understand visually how this can be done, in our mind’s eye, by rounding off the edges of the base of the pyramid so that the pyramid becomes a cone

with the Ruling Few still at the top. Now if we look down at the cone-shaped pyramid of power from above, we will see a circle — with the ruling Few now in the center of the circle. Our perspective has changed, but the Ruling Few have not moved. Whether they are at the top, when looked at one way, or in the center, when looked at in another way, the Few are still our Masters. They may try to fool us in this way — by changing our perspective — but their structure of oligarchy is still in place.

We must make it very clear to everyone that the alternative circle of democracy is not a trick of the eyes, an illusion of propaganda. It is a real alternative to the pyramid of oligarchy. To do this we must add two key words to our Law of Democracy which precisely describe the circular structure itself: “open” and “ revolving.” These are vital because it is these two qualities which guarantee that the circular structure of real democracy cannot be subverted from within by the Few. It is these two qualities which make this unique circular organization of government a true alternative — a circle of power for the people, not a pyramid of power for the oligarchs. As we will