Athenian Model of real democracy. Then we can use this model to build democracy circles ourselves — and recycle real democracy for the 21st century.

Of course, looking at the Athenian Democracy for any kind of political guidance is the last thing the Ruling Few and their Guardians want us to do. They keep most of us totally ignorant of Athens. The rest of us they try to program so that we will instantly respond to the idea of using Athens as a model for democracy with the nonsense that any such government would automatically:

1. exclude women and require slaves;
2. be a tyranny of the majority; and
3. be too small in size to survive in today’s world.

But all three of these classic attacks against democracy are answered if we stay true to the very structure of the democracy circle itself (truer even than the Athenians themselves). We will refute each attack, in turn, as we examine how the Athenians made their daily government work:

1. as an open circle;
2. as a revolving circle; and
3. as a small circle.

♦ Part 3 continues — in the following sections — by examining (with diagrams and charts) the timeless features and practical working details of the Athenian Model so we can organize Democracy Circles of our own, today:

• The Open Circle (vs Exclusion)

• The Revolving Circle (vs Tyranny)

• The Small Circle (vs Giantism)

• The Alternative Power of the Democracy Circle

• The Power of Each-all-think and Focused Reason to Realize out Common Good

• The Power of Rejecting Force and Exposing Fraud to Protect the Democracy Circle

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