the Few to take over because the government becomes unmanageable.

Part 4 continues by considering where and when we can successfully and peacefully underlay the gigantic oligarchic governments, which oppress the Earth, with our own independent, sovereign — and small — democracy circles.

To see how the Few move from one model of oligarchy to another, we closely examine how the Few of Russia and China are layering the feudal model over their 20th century Left republics — just as the Ruling Few, in what was the “Free World,” have already done over their Right republics.

We discover that three very special conditions are necessary to make these rare transformations from one model to another, that we have all three conditions today, and that we ourselves can seize this opportunity to move from all models of oligarchy to real democracy.

The first historic condition is a major crisis. We have that now in the Global Crisis of Global Feudalism. The second condition is the ability to offer a better alternative. We have that with the detailed blueprints for the open, revolving Democracy Circle. The third condition is the political power to act. And suddenly, amazingly, all over the world today, we, the people, see that together we also have this massive power to change the world for the better.

Our Political Power of Numbers

The Ruling Few have never been as powerful as we believe they are, and we, the people, have always had far more power than we know. But the Ruling Few — whether they are royal families, republican elites, or the Global Lords of today — do know our power.

The Ruling Few have always known we have enough power to throw them out. They know this because they have used our power, by subverting