it, to throw each other out — most dramatically when replacing one model of oligarchy with another. And they have used our power to keep themselves in power — by using us economically as workers, slaves, and serfs to make themselves richer, by using us militarily as soldiers to kill their enemies, and, in the last two centuries, by using us politically as voters to elect them and their Guardian politicians to public office, reinforcing the fraud that their republics are our “democracies.”

What the Few have always known is that a large part of their power is our power: our Power of Numbers. The Power of Numbers is not democracy. It is the massive energy generated by large numbers of us gathered together which can be used to change the world, for the Private Good of the Few or the Common Good of us all.

This massive energy of our numbers is real. It is a power that the Few do not have and can never have. When it is not regimented by their workplaces, their militaries, and their ideological frauds, our Power of Numbers has always terrifed the Ruling

Few. It is their worst nightmare: “the mob.” At times we feel our energy ourselves — as a different kind of dream: a dream of a better world that we can make together. We feel this when we have large demonstrations against the crimes of “our” governments which call themselves “democracies.” In 2003, we felt it around the world when the largest and most widespread public protests ever recorded tried to stop the war on Iraq — and then our Power of Numbers drifted away as we drifted back to our daily lives ruled by the Few. Our Power of Numbers is real, but its massive energy must be changed into ruling political power to get the results that we, the real people, want. The Few must subvert our Power of Numbers to keep their political power over us. We must convert our Power of Numbers to political power to rule ourselves.

To turn our Power of Numbers into the ruling political power that we need to make a better world, it must be channeled through our own alternative government structure which is not the pyramid of power of all models of oligarchy. We now have this alternative structure in our model of