democracy. Asserting our Power of Numbers through this open, revolving circular structure converts our massive energy to the alternative political power of people rule — of real democracy. In the act of governing ourselves we discover our political power to act.

The three conditions are now present to build democracy circles. We have the Global Crisis of Global Feudalism which threatens our Life, Liberty, and Equality — and demands we do something about it. With the Speech-Act of Real Democracy, we can now offer the government that we need to deal with this crisis: the open, revolving Democracy Circle. And we now know that structuring our Power of Numbers in democracy circles gives us the political power to act. In this time of crisis, the speech-act is the ignition power that gets the democracy circles turning to create our political power. This activates the alternative power of the circular structure itself: the power of each-all-think and focused reason and of rejecting force and exposing fraud. The time is right to rule

ourselves, and the knowledge that releases our ruling power is right here — if enough of us in any community have the desire and the will to use it.

Part 4 ends by showing how we can use person-to-person technology to build a global support network that multiplies our power and protects the independence of each Democracy Circle.

This can free us from the New World Order that combines the nightmares of Huxley and Orwell — the Brave New World of Big Brothers.This can make the Vision of Real Democracy the Reality of Real Democracy through a real revolve-ution — circle by circle.