These are the six features of oligarchy which monarchy, feudalism, and republicanism share. All three models are universal. Given the right conditions, any of the three can be imposed on any people anywhere, in the future as they have in the past. But each of the models has added its own identifying variations to this pyramid of power. If we are alert to these variations, we can understand exactly how the Few are ruling us at any time. Since all three models were fully developed in the Roman tradition of the last 2,500 years, it is easy to compare the features of each model in this tradition. Doing so we can recognize their distinctive coloring, even though all three use the same control methods to impose the Rule of the Few on us all.

♦ Using diagrams and charts, Part 1 continues to examine the history of oligarchy under the following headings to show exactly how the Few rule us today:

• Control by Groupthink, Diversion, Force, and Fraud

• Recycling the Three Models of Oligarchy

• Layering One Model of Oligarchy Over Another

• Layering Global Feudalism Over Modern Republics

- The Billionaire Lords

- The Transnational Feudal Estates

- The Feudal Collective

- Feudal Rule Today

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the demockracy fraud