The New American Demockracy Fraud
(That a Republic = a Democracy)

On July 4, 1826 — the 50th anniversary of The Declaration of Independence — two of its most famous signers, John Adams, the second President of the United States, and Thomas Jefferson, the third President, died. As they were dying, each asked about the health of the other. Once bitter political enemies, the conservative Adams, who championed the wealthy, and the liberal Jefferson, who championed the poor, had become close friends. The brief age of the Founding Fathers — of 18th century gentlemen who were honest about their Roman Republican heritage, and proud of it — was passing. A new modern age of dishonest republicans was beginning. And it continues today. By 1830, what had started as the Republican Party of Jefferson and Madison had marked this new modern age by changing its name — to the Democratic Party. The false equation — the idea that “republic” = “democracy” — was already in place.

Falsely labeling a republic as a “democracy” is a foundational political fraud. It is not a conspiracy and it is certainly not a “conspiracy theory.” A political conspiracy is an aberration in the system, a criminal plot by a small group inside or outside the government, and the dismissive label “conspiracy theory” suggests something unprovable and crazy and totally out of touch with the way the world works. But a foundational political fraud is a normal, permanent, and essential support of the system. It is a foundation stone of any government ruled by the Few. As we have seen, it is fraud — combined with force, diversion, and groupthink — which makes the Rule of the Few possible. A foundational political fraud provides the excuse, the story, which allows the Few to rule, either openly or in secret — and to convince even themselves that they have the right to do so. It allows almost everyone to obey them in good conscience. Force, diversion, and groupthink are not enough. To stay in power for long periods of time, the Few must have a fraud to legitimize their rule.