Manifesto of REAL Democracy: The Guide to Liberty, Equality—and Survival

-a review by Chris York, The Agora, (Vancouver) February, 2010
-Chris' rating: five stars (out of five)

Democrates is the author of Manifesto of REAL Democracy: The Guide to Liberty, Equality—and Survival. This diminutive, paperback book explains how the principles of the original Athenian democracy have been subverted by the Demockracy Fraud of modern republican governments and how, by establishing Circles of Democracy, we can recover the original democratic idea and begin once again to govern ourselves. The choice by the author to remain anonymous is enticing, especially considering the profound nature of the book he has written.

Following the traditional manifesto model the book is broken into parts, whereby the first two sections are devoted to stating the common problem as we, the majority of the population (that is the ruled) would view it, and the second two sections go about offering solutions of how we can ultimately empower ourselves to govern democratically.

In stating the problem, the Manifesto of REAL Democracy goes about outlining in historical and philosophic terms the role of various social models used to govern populations since the dawn of history and boils it all down to three governing systems implemented throughout the ages by the few to rule the many. These systems are Monarchies, Feudalistic States and Republics, which are all technically oligarchies. You’ll notice the system of Democracy is not mentioned in this group, and it is explained in the book that Athenian Democracy in the classic sense is not an oligarchy but rather a true representation of rule by the majority. Thus, for the Ruling Few, it is not a desired model of government.

Now you may be saying to yourself “Wait a minute. I live in a democracy!” Ah, but there’s the rub. We’ve been told since birth that we live and flourish in democracies, but according to the Manifesto of REAL Democracy there is no valid connection between a republic and a democracy. In fact they are antitheses of each other. Evidently we are deceived from cradle to grave about the very nature of the political system that governs us. All nations which promote themselves as Democracies are actually Republics in some form.

According to the book, we are in the midst of a transition from one governing system to another. Sometimes this transition happens quickly (like the Soviet Union break-up) and sometimes the transition happens gradually with this approach of over-laying one system on top of the other. These system changes happen from time to time, so the Ruling Few can revamp society and reform it to suit their emerging needs.

Since, according to the theory of the book, we can only be ruled by one of three oligarchic systems at a time (Monarchy, Feudalism or Republic), and we’re under a Republican rule now, that leaves the other two to transition into. The author claims we’re going into a Feudalist system, and goes about revealing how that is the case. He shrewdly uncloaks the mechanisms that have been at work for centuries, pulling away the curtain for the reader to see systems of control that have been beyond our understanding.

The fact that the very premise of Democracy has been deceptively employed to cover the reality of Republicanism is unsettling. Indeed, in the United States the deception was established from the very beginning by the Founding Fathers before they’d actually even created the country. Their great trick was to imply they’d created a new type of government for and by the people when in fact they’d re-established a new-look Republicanism in the image of ancient Rome. The book even ties in the scam of the fact that present-day academics perpetuate the understanding that Greek and Roman civilizations are interchangeable, when in fact the opposite is true. Rome was a classic oligarchy that went from being a Republic into a Monarchy-led empire, whereas the Greek city-state of Athens (in the 500’s BC) was a Democratic society, and as the book points out, probably the only one in the history of mankind.

The book also devotes some pages to how nations in the present day are converting from Republic models to Feudalistic models. The author analyzes the changes of the former Soviet Union and the recent emergence of China, as the Ruling Few of those countries use different methods of managing the transition. It is a fascinating exposé of how the global players of the planet are transforming their respective domains into the Global Feudal system ordained by the powers-that-be. It becomes apparent that the race is on for the Ruling Few everywhere and it is up to them to position themselves to accept and embrace the irresistible approach of a new world system which is being made possible thanks to technology that has never existed in the history of mankind.

The Manifesto of REAL Democracy also extends a solution about how the average world citizen can create a bubble of democracy within the Feudal system. It’s called a Democracy Circle, and the author contrasts the premise against the pyramid shapes of traditional oligarchic, top-down hierarchical systems. Visual people will love the symbolism—that the answer for freedom against the triangle is the circle, albeit with a few caveats. To be precise the book explains that to be successful the Democracy Circle must in fact be an “open, revolving, circular” organization, mimicking the true democratic model of the ancient Athenians. As in Athens, the number cited for optimal efficiency is 30,000.

The Manifesto of REAL Democracy retails at local, neighborhood book stores for $10. Not a bad price for a red pill of this caliber. Then you just need to round up 29,999 of your friends and off you go to bring about the second true democracy in the history of mankind!